Sport on Mallorca

Sport on Mallorca

Mallorca has something for everyone, thanks to the diversity of the island, the mild Mediterranean climate and over 300 days of sunshine. Fans of fitness sports, water sports, nature sports, cycling and, of course, ball sports, will get their money’s worth.Mallorca has excellent sports facilities island-wide with a total of 23 golf courses, very many tennis courts, 47 marinas, beautiful hiking trails and cycling paths, especially around the Tramuntana Mountains. Throughout the year, Mallorca also hosts a number of sporting events. For example, the Mallorca Tennis Open, or the famous Copa del Rey, a prestigious sailing regatta in Mallorca.

Fitnesss in Mallorca

There are a few options for you. What do you fancy? Indoor or outdoor? There are gyms in almost every major town on Mallorca. For friends of the Crossfit sport, there is also the possibility to stay fit on holiday in Mallorca. For those who like to train with their own body weight on bars and on the floor, there are so-called “calisthenics parks”.

Water sports on Mallorca

Along the long coastline of Mallorca there are numerous opportunities for sailing, surfing & kitesurfing, stand-up paddling and diving. Especially with the turquoise blue water and the good water quality, water sports on Mallorca become a unique experience. Mallorca is the ideal water sports destination in the heart of the Mediterranean and offers a varied water sports experience thanks to the many marinas and sailing clubs on Mallorca.

Hiking on Mallorca

The Tramuntana Mountains are located in the northwest of Mallorca. The cliffs in particular offer some interesting hiking trails in Majorca for active holidaymakers. In addition to the large number of hiking trails, the Serra de Tramuntana also offers various climbing sports.The best time for hiking in Mallorca is spring, between March and May, as the weather then slowly becomes stable (less precipitation) and the summer heat has not yet begun.

Cycling on Mallorca

Mallorca is a very popular destination for cycling enthusiasts, which is why even international racing teams prepare for the seasons in Mallorca.The focus is not only on the winding mountain roads at different altitudes of the Tramuntana Mountains, but also on the flat and less frequented roads across the entire island. Not only racing cyclists get their money’s worth on Mallorca, but also mountain bikers, who have the choice between stony action in the Tramuntana Mountains and moderate climbs in the Serra de Llevant. Popular destinations are, for example, old monasteries, which are located in hills and mountains all over the island.Usually there are also restaurants in the former monasteries to fortify yourself after the ride uphill…

Ball sports on Mallorca

Mallorca is predestined as a paradise for ball sports of all kinds. Football in Mallorca, tennis in Mallorca and golf in Mallorca are among the most popular ball sports played on the island. Whether for young or old, there is something for everyone! There are several football pitches, natural and artificial grass, as well as hard pitches all over the island. But of course the beaches are also ideal for “kicking”, which is also very popular. For boys and girls who love football, there is the so-called “FussiCamp” on Mallorca. The camp is located in the east of Mallorca. You as parents enjoy Mallorca to the fullest and your child pursues his or her passion: playing football in Mallorca.

Tennis on Mallorca

The name Rafael Nadal has become an indispensable part of the tennis world. The tennis pro Rafael Nadal is a Mallorcan and has his own tennis academy on Mallorca, which is located in his home town of Manacor. Rafael Nadal’s tennis academy is especially popular with children and young people. Those who live in the southwest of the island can also use the Guillermo Vilas Tennis Academy. This is located in Palmanova and also has a very good reputation. Otherwise, there are enough sand and hard courts all over the island, so that tennis lovers can get their money’s worth everywhere on Mallorca.

Golf on Mallorca

The island offers a total of 23 golf courses spread all over the island, 6 of them in the southwest of the island. Golf in Mallorca is basically very diverse. Each course is special in its own way and, due to the Mediterranean climate on Mallorca, can be played all year round. In general, the golf courses on Mallorca are well maintained and in optimal condition. Please have a look at my personal recommendations under golf courses.

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