Renovate, refurbish, rebuild or build in Mallorca

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Mallorca properties

Basically, you have to decide for yourself which type of property on Mallorca is the right investment for you. Would you like to buy a flat or a villa in Mallorca where you don’t have to worry about anything, but can move in without any worries and only need to bring your toothbrush and your clothes?

If you would like to furnish your dream property in Mallorca according to your own wishes and with the materials that suit you, a renovation, a conversion, a refurbishment, a modernization or even a new building in Mallorca would definitely be an option. As soon as you have found a property in Mallorca in which you can realise yourself, you must calculate the expenditure for yourself.

Do you only want to renovate the bathrooms, replace the floor or simply paint your property in Mallorca? It is sufficient if you work with a competent craftsman company. For larger renovations or refurbishments in Mallorca, it is advisable to work with companies that have the appropriate references and sufficient experience for refurbishment and renovation work in Mallorca.

It is very important that you choose the right contact person. Especially abroad, when you cannot be on site every day, reliability and trust have top priority. The same applies to new buildings on Mallorca. There are many providers, craftsmen and developers on Mallorca, but it is still very important to find the right contact person for your concerns, who builds high quality on Mallorca, so that your property on Mallorca is still in good condition after years. Especially with the temperatures and the high humidity, it often comes to moisture damage in some flats, houses or villas on Mallorca.

In order to avoid this, it is highly advisable for you to pay attention to quality from the beginning, also under the aspect that a refurbishment, modernisation or renovation in Mallorca is an excellent capital investment, which also serves to maintain the value of your property in Mallorca.

You can also increase the sales value for a potential resale. Our tip to you is therefore to invest in quality right from the start. Steinmetz Investments Mallorca can recommend a contact partner optimally suited to your needs and your individual wishes thanks to decades of real estate experience in Mallorca. No matter whether it is minor work, renovation, modernisation and refurbishment work on your property in Mallorca or a new construction project in Mallorca. Benefit from our competent network of craftsmen and property developers and contact Steinmetz Investments Mallorca at any time. We are well connected and only work with professionals, because your satisfaction is important to us.

It is also important that craftsmen, as well as property developers speak your language and understand your wishes, as well as your individual ideas accordingly well. For conversions, renovations, modernisations and new buildings in Mallorca, it is also necessary that your contact person is really powerful in the Spanish language. Certain documents must be submitted to the town hall of the responsible municipality, such as the Obra menor or the Obra Mayor.

For this, it is clearly advantageous that you commission experienced companies / architects on Mallorca who are ideally very well connected with the municipality. This could shorten the long waiting times for building permits within the individual municipalities, which are already relative and also vary in length. Rely on years of experience, because this is precisely what ultimately creates value and an increase in value for a potential resale, even years after the purchase of a property in Mallorca.

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