9 reasons to invest in a property on Mallorca

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Real estate Mallorca

Mallorca is always a good investment! No matter whether it is for a holiday or for moving to Mallorca. I am  going to list below why it makes sense and what the advantages of investing in a property  on Mallorca are:


Mallorca has one of the best flight connections in Europe, so you can get to Mallorca easily and quickly from your home country. Over 70 airports fly to Palma airport from Europe.

Short distances and easy accessibility mean that property owners, investors & holidaymakers can also plan their trip to Mallorca at short notice. Is it raining a lot in your home country?

Then simply book a flight to Mallorca at short notice and enjoy the sun with a glass of chilled rosé wine on your balcony with sea view just a few hours after your departure.

Weather in Mallorca

The weather in Mallorca is good all year round due to the Mediterranean climate. On average, Mallorca offers over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Summers are warm, can go up to 35 degrees and winters are mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 12 degrees.

This means you can spend time outdoors all year round, enjoying the sun and playing a variety of sports outside. So life in Mallorca can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Beaches and bays in Mallorca

Beaches and bays are a very popular destination on Mallorca. Some are smaller, others more extensive.

Typical of the beaches on Mallorca are the turquoise blue waters, as well as the beach bars, the so-called “chiringuitos” with drinks, snacks and now increasingly with excellent gastronomy. One of the most famous sandy beaches on Mallorca is “Es Trenc”, which, with its white sandy beach and turquoise sea water, gives you the feeling of being in the Caribbean.

Es Trenc is located southeast of Mallorca. In the north/northeast of the island you will find its counterpart “Playa de Muro” – a long but much more urban beach.

One of the most popular bays on Mallorca is “Portals Vells” – the so-called three-finger bay, which is located in the southwest of the island.

If you are a boat owner, or if you simply want to charter a boat, Portals Vells is an absolute “must go”.

Yacht harbours on Mallorca

Mallorca lovers in particular are mostly also  fans of the many marinas.

High-quality cuisine, classy boutiques and chic bars are the hallmarks of the marinas on Mallorca. Some of them are even among the most famous marinas in Europe, such as Puerto Portals, or Puerto de Andratx.

Many property owners also have boats, so their properties tend to be close to a marina on Mallorca. Properties in and around marinas in Mallorca are in high demand and are a good investment in Mallorca due to their location alone.

The capital Palma

Palma is one of the most liveable cities in the world. Anyone who has ever been to Palma knows exactly why.

International cultures in one place, merging Arabic and Roman architecture, many shopping opportunities, chic boutique hotels, high-quality gastronomy, walking distance to beaches and smaller harbours make Palma de Mallorca so unique and lovable.

There is a colourful life in Palma all year round and shops are open all year round.

Year-round infrastructure

Not only the shops, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets, which are open all year round, are optimal from an infrastructural point of view, but also the transport connections, as well as the motorway network of Mallorca.

Even the places that are further away from Palma can be reached very well within a maximum of only one and a half hours driving time. This is why Mallorca is so popular with lovers who like to invest in a quiet location with a lot of land:

The year-round infrastructure and fast transport links make Mallorca such a sought-after destination.


The interest in buying a property in Mallorca by foreign investors has remained unbroken in recent years.

Even in times of crisis, Mallorca offers stability and value in the right locations.

Therefore, your money is very well invested in a property on Mallorca. It is clear that the term “concrete gold” is used, especially in the sought-after areas. Mallorca does not lose its attractiveness for prospective buyers, quite the opposite: Mallorca is becoming more and more popular, especially nowadays, as the quality of life factor is becoming more and more important.

Safety on Mallorca

Mallorca has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Many flat and house owners have state-of-the-art alarm and camera systems that are directly linked to the police.

Also, in urbanisations such as Son Vida, or Costa den Blanes, there is only one way in and one way out of the residential area, guarded by gatekeepers. Mallorca has a very strong police presence throughout the island with the Guardia Civil and the Policia Local.

Cultural activities in Mallorca

Throughout the year and all over the island, Mallorca offers a rich calendar of events for young and old. Numerous cultural, social and sporting events attract a very diverse audience.

Whether concerts, markets, gastronomic events, sports tournaments, beach events and traditional village and community festivals… In any case, there is always enough entertainment all year round.

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